Kornak Technologies designs and manufactures electronic products.

Often companies can't get the equipment they need off the shelf.  KTI designs the custom equipment your company needs and manufactures it for you.  It can be private labelled with your company name for your own use, or sold as your product.

KTI Product Examples

Kornak STM32F4-96 ARM Controller Board wih 96 GPIO

STM32F4-96 Controller Board With 96 GPIO

The STM32F4-96 is a microcontroller board providing up to 96 GPIO pins on a DIN-41512 connector.  It is designed for test applications such as functional test controllers, cable testers, and other applications requiring a large number of GPIO pins.

The board uses a STMicro ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F407IGT6 microcontroller in a LQFP-176 package.  It has 1 Mbyte Flash, 192 kbytes SRAM, and can have up to a 168 MHz internal clock speed.  Floating point and DSP support are provided (crypto co-processor optional).

The PCB has a standard 3U size (100x160mm) which allows it to be used with 3U size card cages.  Either a vertical or a right-angle DIN connector can be installed depending on the mounting requirements.  A 4 x 20 character OLED display, LCD, or a VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) can be fitted to provide a user interface.  The four buttons with LEDs can be used as menu smart keys.

Kornak Introduction to the STM32F4-96 PDF Introduction to the STM32F4-96 PDF  

Kornak STM32F4-96 Controller With 4x20 OLED Kornak STM32F4-96 Controller DIN-96 Connector DIN-41512  Kornak STM32F4-96 with 4x20 OLED and STMicro ST-Link/V2 Programmer Kornak STM32F4-96 with SD_Cards Serial_Ports 96_GPIO STM32F407IGT6

Kornak GPS Tracker With Telit HE910 3G Modem Factory Test System

3G Modem Factory Test System

This factory test system is for a GPS tracker board set with a Telit HE910 3G modem.

A baseboard connects the boards under test and breaks out the signals for testing with the Kornak STM32F4-96 controller board.  The STM32F4-96 sends serial commands to the device under test, monitors voltage and current, asserts and tests GPIO signals, monitors SPI / I2C / USART communications, and controls the stand-alone JTAG programmer.

Kornak 4-20mA Quad Channel ISM Transceiver

Quad Channel 4-20mA Transceiver

This 4-channel 4-20mA receiver sends sensor data via an industrial ISM radio for wellhead monitoring.  

QPC LC101 Lubrication Controller

Quality Products installs after-market lubrication systems on heavy equipment.

The LC101 Lubrication Controller is a pump timer that activates a grease pump to keep heavy equipment well oiled. It is used on excavators, earthmovers and heavy equipment as well as fixed factory machinery.

The LC101 activates the pump at a pre-set time interval or after a number of machine cycles.  The on/off times or the pump counts are displayed on large easy to read LED number displays.  The LC101 monitors overpressure, low grease level, distribution block movement, and pump rotation, and generates an alarm if problems occur.

Kestrel Interactive Music System (KIMS)

Kestrel Entertainment sells music CDs in gift shops and smaller stores.

KIMS is a counter-top retail MP3 player with a barcode scanner.  Customers can preview CDs in retail stores by simply placing a CD on the shelf.  The player reads the barcode and plays songs from the CD.  The music samples are stored on a removable SD memory card allowing easy updates.

SPRECOM Controlled Access System (SCA)

SPRECOM manages building utility rooms and cable infrastructures.

The SPRECOM Controlled Access System is a keypad controlled entry system for secure areas.  Single-use codes allow entry to be granted to maintenance rooms via telephone.  There is no need to issue keys.  Once inside, the visitor can take keys for other rooms from the key locker.  The system logs who entered and when keys were taken and returned.  The access logs are downloaded via modem to obtain a record of room access and for billing purposes.


Kornak Technologies has experience designing:

  • Data Loggers
  • Communications Systems
  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Access Control Systems
  • Vehicle Based Electronics
  • Smart Card Payment Systems
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • MP3 Players And Audio
  • Vehicle Monitors